814 E. Hastings St,
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1R6
Phone:- 604-684-4466
Website:- www.spiderholding.ca

Spider Holding Ltd. began 10 years ago cleaning high-rise windows and carved out a niche market doing the jobs no one else could get to.  No job is too small or unreachable for Spider.  Innovation is the driving force behind Spider’s ability to find solutions to accessing and cleaning your building or even landscaping your 40 story building from the air!

Spider is considered to be the expert in their field and consults on building projects with developers; supplies after market exterior maintenance; provides exterior and interior building site clean up; painting and application of traffic membrane with the use of a bosun chair; landscaping to include rooftop patios, balconies and overhangs where conventional access is not available; exterior/interior painting; membrane and paver installation.

Spider has completed over 150 successful projects with the help of a highly trained and dedicated team.  Members are trained throughout Canada reaching 500-1000 strong in peak seasons.  Training and expertise offers many of its members the opportunity to become business owners themselves. 

Spider proudly offers the highest standards and customer satisfaction in the industry.  Our name and service are only as good as our last job, so every job is priority one to Spider.

When you see the ropes.….you will know Spider is on the job!